honestly, I dont even know what I'm doing

do you ever feel like you’re just sort of 


like all your friends go out and do things and get into relationships and like people that like them back and have fun and do stupid things with their best friends and instead of doing all that you’re just sort of this mildly entertaining thing that people take an interest in once in a while but they wouldn’t really care if it was gone

like you just sort of exist but you don’t really mean anything

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the worst thing ever is when you go to a concert and the support act is good as hell and you only start really liking them after the concert

Everyone experiences their own perception of reality. Stop taking your version of reality so seriously.(via kushandwizdom)

when oblivion is calling out your name…

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but seriously when did we all start saying “yo”

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Every person has three voices: the one they hear when they speak, the one others hear when they speak and the one they hear when they think.